Friday 29 January 2016

Babies' day out.

Motherhood can be so rewarding yet so, so hard at the same time. You give all to your kids and in the process you give up so much of yourself that you don't realize. I used to be the kind of person who was the first one to go to bed and the last one to get up. Now it's the opposite, I am the last one to got to bed (sometimes I don't even get to my bed) and the first one to wake up. I used to hate having conversations with people after waking up, until I had had my breakfast. Now my day starts with "Hi, Good Morning! Did you have a goodnight's sleep? Do you want your bottle? come let's cuddle. You are my sweet, cute baby" and so on and so forth. And the weird part is I don't mind it a single bit. It the best start to my day that I could ever wish for. To see my babies waking up happy and being so happy to see me. The little one has started responding too. She lights up the moment she hears my voice and the noises she makes when she wakes up, just so, so cute Masha'Allah!!

Ibbi has been a bit cranky and whiny the past couple of weeks. Poor guy has so much energy and not the level of activity to match it. So this frustration comes out in the form of whining. I am literally brain dead by the time he goes to bed. Somedays I feel like covering my ears, and running around in circles because this consistent whining can take a toll on the strongest of men. But I do feel a bit sorry and helpless because it has been too cold to take the kids out and there is not enough space here to have some indoor activity. So, when the weather took a turn for the better this week I promised him that i'll take him out this week.

Finally, yesterday I got the chance to take the kids out. I did all my chores early in the day and cooked dinner before I left so I won't have to rush back and cut Ibbi's fun time short. First I thought I'll take him out during the day then the thought of him falling asleep in the afternoon, and then waking up a few hours before bedtime was too much to bear. So I delayed it till 5 in the evening. With careful planning I mapped out our excursion so that by the time we get back he'll be so tired that he'll fall right into bed after we had our dinner and a quick bath. And I am happy to report that it is excatly what happened. He is still out cold after 11 hours of sleep *evil laughter in my mind*

I took him to an indoor play area yesterday. He looked so happy running around that it made me a bit sad. I know, moms have this really weird emotional spectrum. I just wish I can see that happy face everyday. I know it is so hard to control so much energy and being cooped inside had been affecting him in so many ways. So yesterday I let him go bonkers. He was running and jumping on the trampoline, throwing himself into the ball pit and laughing because he thought it was so funny. He took the slide a thousand times and in between each turn he would run over to me to give me a "high 5". Everytime he came to sit with me I would ask if he wanted to go. That question would inject another dose of energy and off he would go with his head shaking. I had to intice him with the idea of Baba waiting at home to finally get him to leave. Also the place was about to close and the employees were starting to clean up.

On the bus ride home he fell asleep, so baba had to come down and carry him upstairs. The little one slept the entire time in her baby carrier thankfully! All in all a day well spent. Which brings me to the interesting fact that in all this I forgot to have dinner. Woke up at 3 in the night with my stomach growling. And since everyone was asleep and you never, NEVER wake up a sleeping baby, even if you made it, I just had a glass of milk before going to bed again. And now it's time for my breakfast which I'll hopefully have in peace because the kids are still asleep.

Happy Friday to all of you and have a great weekend!

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