Monday 4 January 2016

Mr. Right?

I just realized today that in my previous post I had forgotten, totally forgotten, to mention my other half.  Sorry big guy *sad face* That is what happens after you have kids! (don't want to scare any prospective parents thought) Kids are great! Kids are nice! Kids are all things sugar, spice and everything nice. No kidding! (see what I did there? No? I said No "kid"ding... haha! Ok, bad joke!)

So today this post is entirely dedicated to him. I am not going to bore you with our wedding story because there is nothing to write home about. We got married the pure desi way, for those of you who don't know what that means, our parents decided for us. No love story here, sorry guys. No late night calls, no lovey dovey messages, no dates , nothing!

So I am going to jump right in from when we got married. Let me tell you that before I got married my view of married life was very different than what it is now. I feel so silly when I think back to when i got married. Grand gestures, although very nice and heartwarming, seldom mean so much during the long run. It is the little things that matter and that is what we should think of when we get mad at our spouses or when we start comparing ourselves to other couples. I wish I had known this sooner.

 I spent the first year of our marriage feeling sorry for myself. Not taking note of all the little wonderful things the Mr. did for me. He knows I love sweets, so everytime he had a cake or chocolate at work he would always bring back some for me. Or when I was pregnant I used to get very congested, so he bought these special Kleenex for me so my nose won't hurt. Or when I used to wake him up at night because I was thirsty. Never once in these 5 years that I have known him has he treated me badly. Always with the utmost respect, love and kindness. And he is so gentle with the kids Masha'Allah! Sometimes too gentle, in my opinion but it just melts my heart to see the little ones wrapping him around their little fingers *wicked grin* But then on the other hand he is rewarded with these giant smiles and special little kisses that I can never get. So jealous So, so jealous. Even the little one who is just 2 months old lights up when she looks at him. I just get angry stares. Ok that was a lie...a semi lie. She smiles at me too but not like that.

Ok I wandered off here a bit. This was supposed to be about the Mr. Kids! Always taking the limelight *huh*

The day I stopped feeling sorry for myself was the day I realized he is the nicest guy. Ok not that nice (don't want to give him ideas in case he is reading this) You are just fine!

Well he does annoy the crap out of me though! and at moments like these I think of all the good things he does. It is quite therapeutic, I tell you. Try it sometime and see for yourself. So, where was I? Yes, about that guy in my life. It's good, great in it's own special way. This is what marriage is really about, compromising and also appreciating. Nobody is all bad, everyone has some good qualities. Let's focus on those and let's stop going through people's photographs on facebook and feeling sorry for ourselves!

So Mr. even if I don't show it often (I don't really have time with these kids of yours) know that you are appreciated. Ok, He is never going to get the address of this blog. Ever!

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  1. How I enjoyed going through every bit of this piece, straight from the heart. It touches you deeply and truly said I guess that's the best lessons to learn appreciating.