Sunday 3 January 2016

Let's get started!

Finally after hours of juggling two kids and setting up a blog I can sit down to write my very first blog post. A bit nervous, a bit excited and sooo tired but I'm gonna power through. YESSS!!!

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am a 28 year old, mother of 2, currently residing in Norway. Used to be really awkward as a child and still carry a part of that awkwardness inside. Sometimes it manages to escape but most of the time, it is well under control and cleverly concealed behind bad jokes. Didn'tt have many friends till high school. Met the best and coolest girls there, still am friends with them and super grateful for their friendship through all these years.

Anyways, first thing most people don't know about me is that I loooove to eat, like really really love! Hate being disturbed while eating and literally the first thought I have when I wake up is what I'll have for breakfast. Well, for someone so obsessed with food you'll think I love to cook too. But NOOOO! I hate, well hate is a strong word, let's just say I dislike it, especially cooking for my self. It's a love/hate relationship.

I used to love reading books before the kids arrived. One of my all time favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. Oh! That charming, handsome yet so annoyingly proud man we know as Mr. Darcy. My friend and I were quite borderline obsessed with him, but let's be honest, who isn't?

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love kids. I am the kind of person with whom all the kids wanted to hang out. So, having my own kids was like winning the Golden Ticket to the Willy Wonka Factory(see...obsessed with food). So, the eldest will turn 2 in February. He is the sweetest boy you'll ever meet, melts my heart with his sweet smile. Loves to cuddle with Mama and baby sister morning, noon and night. He has started showing some signs of the terrible two's but he has always been a  good boy *fingers crossed* and will continue to be so. The most recent additon to our family is our little baby girl, born Nov 2015. Loves to eat and sleepso all is well on that front too. Already becoming daddy's girl. I feel a little jealous when she flashes that special toothless grin, reserved only for Dad.

So, guys, that's all for now. Duty calls or rather doody calls (bad joke, sorry). Catch you later, peeps! Hope you'll swing by again soon.


  1. Loved going through it..hoping to read more on a regular basis from now on. I can also totally relate to the love for kids

  2. OMG.I am absolutely loving your first post. Can't wait to read more.
    Good luck <3

  3. Pleased to meet you! Looking forward to hear lotssss more.