Friday 12 February 2016

Awkward situations

Everyday we face situations that we would love to avoid. Read on for some great tips by me!

1. Walking into a waiting room :

You know the feeling when you walk into a waiting room and you have to make a split second decision about where you are going to sit? Those few microseconds are the worst. You feel like everyone is watching you and judging you somehow and you just want to take a seat as soon as you can. But, you will have to choose. Now the saeting arrangement is mostly like a giant game of Tetris. One wrong move and your entire wait is doomed. 
So, you walk in and there are a few empty seats but one is in the far corner and you don't want to walk that far. The other is between 2 people, one of whom clearly has the flu while the other is the type of aunty who wants to start a conversation with everyone. Then there is the seat between that creepy guy and creepy uncle,so automatically that area is a no-go. Then you see and find two empty seats between 2 people and you have to decide who you would like to sit with without offending the other person! I am already exhausted before my appointment! 
Tip: To avoid this situation make the earliest possible appointment. Or at a less busy time. If all else fails try awkwardly to fit yourself on that seat between the 2 people and pray no one talk to you.

2. Getting on a bus or a train/subway/metro(whatever you call it) :

Before you get on the bus or train you have to estimate where the bus/train will stop and where exactly the doors will be so you don't have to do an awkward turn towards the front once the bus/train stops. Once you manage to get on without making  a fool out of yourself you will have to decude where you want to sit. Naturally everyone wants the window seat, so depending on where you got on from that can be a yes or no. if you are lucky you will find a window seat and you can pray all the way to your destination that no one sits with you.
If you aren't that lucky you will have to make the decision again. Now you don't want to sit with someone because, come on, the seats are not made for normal human being. You have to hunch, pull in your breath and tuck in your legs all at the same time. Uncurling from that position is another story.
Also do you mind sitting in a seat that is facing someone? You knees might be touching, depending upon the size of the person sitting opposite you. Also if two seat are empty do you sit next to the person and make them feel uncomfortable because you left the side seat empty or do you leave the middle seat empty and maybe offend that person because you didn't want to sit with them.

Am I making any sense to any of you? If yes, then read on...

Tip. There is no tip. A bus or a train ride is awkward and always will be!

3. Going to a doctor:

Everytime I go to the doctor's I practise what I am going to say to her in fromt of my bathroom mirror. I don't want to look stupid, do I? Also, I make a list of everyhting that is wrong with me. But as soon as the doctor turns to me I forget everything. Now I am thinking if I want to take the list out. I don't want to seem like a hypochondriac. But if I don't give her something solid then she'll think I just like going to the doctor. So I end up telling her one thing and asking for a blood test! And more awkwardness if the doctor's appointment includes something where you will have to remove your clothes. Nobody should have to go through with that!

Tip: Go to a new doctor everytime, because your regular doctor cannot handle your weirdness.

4.Eating in public: 

I don't know how some people do that! I can't. I just can't! I feel like everyone is watching me and then I feel like maybe I am not eating properly so I try to act really proper but I am sure I end up looking even more awkward. I feel like the timy morsels of food that fall everytime I take a bite are being followed by everyone around me. And I keep wiping my lips and by the end of that my lips are raw and then I don't want to put my chapstick on because there is no way to do it.

Tip: Don't eat in public. If you have to then put your head down and act like nobody is watching. Never return to that place.

5. Waiting at a grocery-store checkout:

You don't know what to do while you wait for your turn. You can either look at what the person before you has bought. Or what the people in the next line have in their baskets or you can pretend to check out the display by the side of the check-out. Again don't make eye contact with anyone. It will lead to awkward smiles.

Tip: Be the first one at the store or opt for home deliveries.

6. Taking a call in public:

I can never understand how people can have hour long phone calls while in public. I panic if I have to take a call, I feel like everyone is looking at me and trying to hear what I am saying which leads to a squeaky voice coming out of my mouth. Why you ask? I don't know the answer to this question.

Tip: Keep your phone on silent. Act like you don't know why your pocket is making a buzzing sound.

7. Drinking a Coke:

You know the moment you take a sip and you either let out a giant hiccup or you get the urge to let out a huge burp. And you are sitting there, your nostrils flaring like crazy and your eyes watering because you want to release that burp but don't want anyone to know.

Tip: Don't drink Coke. So simple, come on!

You might be thinking " are you crazy?" Well, I am not crazy. My mother had me tested. Well, she didn't but whaddup TBBT reference!


  1. Hahahaha can so relate to most of it!!

  2. Go to a new doctor everytime lol luv that cz my doc thinks i lov taking my kids to him