Tuesday 9 February 2016

What's on the agenda today?

Kind of a chilled out day today. Did most of my chores yesterday so for today I am hoping I can do some stuff that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Still procrastinating but not as much as last year. Hopefully this will be a productive day!

So, the kids are down for their nap. I am hoping it will last for about 2 hours. Insha'Allah!!! Going to watch some NCIS:LA with my love*. No, not talking about the Mr. Check the picture below and you'll know *wink*

Oh wow! My laptop is quite dirty, thanks to ibbi!

*clarification: not talking about the guys running from the explosion.

When the kids wake up I am planning to do some artwork with Ibbi. You can see some of what he has done in the picture below. He is really enjoying using his crayons that his khala got for him. Everytime I take them out he goes "WOW" hahaha.

Got my hair straightener out after a very very long time. I think the last time I used it was in September last year. I love straightening my hair. Puts me in a really nice mood. Something so nice about it, your hair looks good and you look good, and the hair is so soft that you can't stop running your fingers through them. Who doesn't like that? Also this hair straightener has some kind of ceramic plates so it doesn't burn your hair to a crisp. Also no static! *win win*

This one might come as a  surprise but yes, I can use a sewing machine basically to sew in straight lines haha. But hey it's a skill and you can do so much with straight sewing. I made pillow cases and made a bedsheet (well sewed the edges, but I made it OK?) Going to do some resizing today hopefully.

That's the plan for today insha'Allah! Also have to cook dinner *sad face* but we'll get to it when it's time.

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