Thursday 4 February 2016

Stuff desi families do

1. Friday is Biryani day and Biryani is always #1

2. We can fit 10 people into a 4 seater car. Also a family of 5 can easily fit on a motorbike.

3. Everything that can be reused will be reused. Plastic bags, empty coke bottles, plastic containers, disposable spoons and the list goes on.

4. The more oil you use in your cooking, the more it will look and taste delicious.

5. Drink chai (tea) in summers and even 5 minutes before bedtime.

6. Any girl who crosses 18 suddenly becomes rishta material.

7. Every aunty wants a chand si bahu for her son (doesn't matter if the son looks like a baboon).

8. Everything wrong with a child is and will be blamed on the mobile phone.

9. Parents are always right.

10. Everyone's parents always came first, won at every sport and were the best at everything (makes you wonder if anyone ever came 2nd)

11. You go to weddings just for the food.

12. Be prepared to be judged if you are too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too rich, too poor, too educated, too prepared.

13. No phone calls after 9 at night.

14. Always wake up late on the weekend.

15. Gossip for hours and then end the conversation with "sanu ki" (who cares)

16. Be ready to get advice about everything under the sun form everyone you know and everyone you dont know. Have acne? Desi totka. Can't cook? Desi totka. Can't get married? Desi totka. Constipated? Desi totka,

17. Rainy season is pakora season.

18. Sunday breakfast is halwa poori.

19. Some national phrases: "haraam", "haw hayee", "fitay munh", "ullu ka patha", "bribe",
"dafa ho", "sanu ki". Use all these words to get a spicy gossip session. P.S. don't forget your chai.

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