Thursday 7 January 2016

Good Night, Sleep Tight or maybe not!

Last night I felt kind of lucky. Both kids were in bed fast asleep. The little one had her vaccination yesterday and I was worried that she might get fussy or get a fever or something but Alhamdulillah all was well. So, as I was saying that both kids were fast asleep, I had managed to do the dishes and clean the kitchen, taken a shower and had my dinner. I think that should have been my cue that things were going to blow up in a matter of time. (should have gotten into bed with those two, always make that silly mistake). So, anyways it was around midnight when the little one woke up. I just thought "I'll just put her in the bouncer and she'll be asleep in a few minutes" . But she had other plans and she knows how to look cute, so I decided to enjoy this mommy daughter time. Little did I know that it will go on till 3 o'clock in the morning! Just as she was about to snooze off the little man decides it's time to wake up because he is thirsty/hungry/bored/wants mommy or all of these.

So, now 3 out of my 4 limbs are in motion. Let me tell you that you can make your limbs do different things at the same time. I know, I do it all the time. I think it's kind of a mommy super power and you aquire it by going through a tough regime of sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, constant psychological warfare, doing household chores at lightning fast speed and tiptoeing around the house while the kids sleep (does wonders for your legs though). OK, I wandered off a bit here. Happens when your brain is in a haze because you haven't slept in 3 days.

So, where was I? Ummm...oh yes. I was talking about my limbs. So I was rocking the bouncer with one foot, while trying to pat the elder one with one hand and trying to hold him down with the other because he wanted to go to Baba. I gave up, couldn't fight two of these at the same time. So, I gather up my survival kit : junk food and laptop. At 3 at night, I set up the laptop and I am here thinking  "ok so maybe we can watch something and he'll fall asleep in a little while" Boy, was I wrong. Again!

Long story short, we went to sleep at 7. In the morning. Yes, we had our good night kisses at 7 in the morning! But I have two kids and they have decided that while one sleeps the other will stay awake and keep an eye on Mommy. Because it's mommy who needs constant supervision (dont't know if I spelled this right, I can't even spell right tired). Thank God for coffee but I think it's losing it's magical powers too.

Need to find another magic potion and while I search for it let me console my self by repeating this over and over in my mind that this part will soon be over. Soon, they'll be sleeping through the night and getting more independent. While this thought makes me happy it makes me a little sad too. These cuddling session will also get fewer with time, this sweet baby smell will be gone. Bittersweet moment for all  mothers.

Mr. please come home already, I want to sleeeeep!

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