Thursday 7 January 2016

Resolutions for 2016

I thought I'd jot down some resolutions real quick before the kids wake up or before i find that 6 months have already passed and decide to wait for next year. By the way, I was just wondering why it is just new year's resolutions? Why not new month, week or day? Maybe it is for lazy asses like me who decide to wait for 365 days to fulfill the resolutions they made 365×2 days earlier. 

So, I'm going to be real quick here :

1. Stop procrastinating (always the 1st one on my list) 
2. Start eating healthy.
3. Spend more time with the kids and the Mr.
4. Spend less time online + in front of the tv.
5. Try to travel more (going to need some real persuasion to make this one happen)
6. Read a few good books. Not going to set a target here because you know, Kids!
7. Try to exercise (body's not going to be like this forever and my sloth like lifestyle is starting to show) 
8. Get out of these pyjamas once in a while (this ones gonna be real hard because they are so nice and comfortable and warm)
9. Keep these resolutions for once in my life.

So, tell me guys what are your resolutions for 2016 and how are they working out for you. Well, that I'll ask and tell 6 months down the road .

Time to take a nap because that's what sloths do! Also the kids are asleep.*victory*
Win-win situation here!

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