Wednesday 13 January 2016

A new week begins

Monday is sort of a Sunday for me. That got you confused, didn't it? Well, because the Mr. goes back to his job and I get to enjoy the day (whatever that is with 2 kids). It's sort of my free day (most wives would agree with me here). I catch up on all my T.V shows, grab some junk food and Ibbi and I cuddle on the couch while watching TV. It's quite relaxing and gets me ready for the week ahead.

So, today the baby had an appointment with her doctor. Poor thing has developed a rash and was so fussy for the past few days. I felt like a bad mom for not discovering it earlier :( But alhamdulillah doctor says it's not an allergy and will go away in a few days. I had planned to wake up at 7 but decided to skip breakfast in order to catch one more precious hour of sleep. It wasn't a very good idea though but had to make a choice (it was a hard one :( )

Anyways it was pretty cold today (-8 but feels like -18) and it is a true hassle to dress up the kids in two hundred and fifty pieces of clothing, a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Went out and was met with such a huge pile of snow, got an early morning workout by pushing the pushchair through the snow. It's not easy pushing a 8 kg pushchair (that's the lightest one I could find here in Norway, the heaviest one is a whopping 18 kgs) with an 11 kg toddler sitting in it, while I am carrying the baby in the baby carrier and wearing a big, heavy winter jacket. People are looking at me struggling to get through the snow, but not a single one came to help. Put me in a right mood so early in the morning.

On the way back, I didn't have the will to take the pushchair through the snow again because I was hungry and also did not want to make a spectacle of myself again because no one was going to come help me anyways. So, took the hard decision of carrying it up 3 flights of stairs to our apartment. (planning ahead, I won't have to go through the snow next time I go out). Ok, got this off my chest now.

Now for the good stuff. Ibbi was a really nice boy today, went straight for the toys at the doctor's office, didn't hear a single sound from that corner. He also cleaned up and pushed the chairs back when we were leaving and said Ado-wee (Ibbi language for Thank you :) ) Good boy masha'Allah!

Day got better once we got home, We had breakfast and by 11 both kids were down for their nap so I got to nap too today!

Tried a new recipe for dinner today. Will do a post on it tomorrow insha'Allah. In the meanwhile you can look at my secret sweet stash that I keep hidden from Ibbi because he loves coocli (chocolate) .

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