Tuesday 26 January 2016

A sneak peek into the life of mothers

Wow! This non/un/dis/ whatever is the opposite of procrastination is really working for me. I had a super productive day today, Alhamdulillah. Went through all the tasks that I had set aside for mself plus a few more. I thought I'd write those down so I can feel a sense of accomplishment and you guys can know what a  day in the life of a stay-at-home mom looks like.

So basically there is no fixed time when I decide to call it morning. It is whenever the kids decide to wake up. I just take it on from there. Also, I figured that setting a routine does not work for me, if something doesn't go according to plan it leaves me extremely annoyed and the day just goes down the hill from there. I just go with the flow of things and try to get as much work done as I can in what little time I have.

Woke up at 7 today to feed the baby, then had to make some calls but 7 was too early so decided to wait till 08:30. Overslept and woke around 10, made 3 calls which all went to voicemail because apparently it was lunch hour. So, I ended up leaving one voicemail (which I hate doing because I don't know what to say and it is just so weird), sent one message and forgot about setting up a time with my doctor because who remembers themselves once they have kids. Don't do that, though. Our health is important too. Insha'Allah will get my appointment tomorrow. It is actually my 6 week checkup after the baby, but the baby is nearly 3 months old now. Wow, that looks even bad in writing!

Where was I? Yes, so I got up at 10, made the calls, Ibbi woke up because he heard me talking on the phone and it is so important to know who mama is talking to. Gave him his bottle, fed the baby again. Then there was a round of diaper changes after which it was my turn to use the bathroom, but ibbi wanted to come along so postponed it till he was occupied elsewhere. I was thinking about my breakfast and my cup of magic potion aka coffee when the baby threw up. Another trip to the bathroom to give her a bath and change all her clothes from top to bottom.

Eventually, after an hour of diaper changes and bottles I finally got to have my breakfast. Then ran around after Ibbi so he could have breakfast too. Much running and coaxing later he finally managed to finish his breakfast. This is not a one time occurance. This happens every single day! Then it is TV time for me because both kids nap around noon and I get to watch my mystery shows. New obsession these days is Medium and Midsomer Murders. About Midsomer Murders, I find it really disturbing that for a town so small as Midsomers there sure are a lot of murderers there! But that's just England for you guys ! Only today my daily dose of mystery and catching killers was cut short when my sister called. Had a very long chat with her after a very long time. After some initial whining from Ibbi, I managed to put him to sleep and the sis and I had very meaningful and deep conversations about new lipcolours and tv shows, some gossip was shared and a bit of "sannu ki" (that's punjabi for, umm that's a bit hard to translate, "Who Cares")

Around after Magrib (that's 16:00 here) both kids woke up. Alhamdulillah Ibbi was in a good mood. Played a little hide and seek with him and then he ate his supper like a good boy. We watched some tv together. I then did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, while my Bff (the washing machine) did the laundry. Then cleaned the house, mopping and all. Scrubbed the bathroom clean and then looked at it appreciatively as it sparkled. Now as I was taking the clothes out of the dryer, Ibbi managed to sneak past me and into the bathroom. I swear I had turned around for a few seconds and when I turned back he was pretend washing his hair with some water on the bathroom floor that I had forgotten to wipe. I seriously considered letting it slide but then the nagging mom in me couldn't bear knowing his hair was dirty so he got a bath and the machine got a new dose of dirty clothes. Alhamdulillah for automatic machines, I seriously feel for our mothers who had to do it all by hand and then wait for days for the laundry to dry!

Then mommy and son had dinner and watched some more Tv. The day does not end here but I am going to stop now. You'll get exhausted just by reading this. Me, I am just so tired that I don't even feel tired anymore. I'll just stop you here and let you think about how much work I did today. Now imagine yourself doing it and also imagine yourself having to stop every hour or 30 minutes to either feed the baby, or change a diaper or calm down 2 year old who is whining for no reason at all. When you have imagined all this in your head, you will then know what it's like in the life of a mom with 2 kids. It's a walk in the park. NOT!

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