Monday 8 February 2016

Mommy's day out

On my way out today, I ended up being the only person on this side of the platform. I had actually planned it this way that I will be only one here. So I waited till the train had left and then leisurely strolled onto the platform, knowing quite well that the next train will be coming after 10 mins. Now, some of you might be wondering about my strange behaviour so let me take you back in time. I had to run some errands earlier today, kids were supposed to stay home with dad. I set up everything last night so that I could sneak out as quickly as possible without waking up the kids. That included dressing quickly and naturally skipping breakfast. The thought of skipping breakfast was a bit stressful but then I came across a great idea. I could easily grab a cup of coffee and my favourite pastry on my way and I could have it in peace and enjoy every second of it. Now that breakfast was sorted out I went to sleep hapily looking forward to the morning. Everything went according to plan and I managed to slip out while the kids slept peacefully.

I got my cappuccino and 2 pastries and as I am walking down the stairs to the platform it hit me that I don't like the thought of eating in public. I don't kow how people do it. I imagine myself eating in public and something this messy and it gives me serious heartburn. But fate had it this way that I managed to get down to the platform as my train was leaving. This gave me a  10 minute window to barf down my breakfast without the fear of being judged. Now it left the question of the people on the other side of the platform. Surely they were all looking at me, weren't they? Maybe, maybe not. So I decided to take it easy. I broke off a little piece of my precious and put it in my mouth properly, like an English woman having her tea. As soon as the train arrived at the opposite side and that side became empty too I started eating like I had never seen food before. I mean this baked piece of heaven was sooo good that I didn't want to deprive my tastebuds the chance of savouring it. 

OMG I really AM obsessed with food, ain't I?

Well folks, that was the highlight of my day. Though I felt a little guilty for enjoying this alone time I also felt a little rebellious you know, kids at home with dad and I am out here all alone. Wow, motherhood really changes everything doesn't it?

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